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Professional Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Professional Development - Essay Example According to Rosdahl and Kowalski (2008) the nursing profession has its legal metes and bounds and it is a highly regulated profession with appropriate consequences for illegal and unethical practices. As a graduate nurse, it is important for me to master such laws and similar provisions in the practice in order to ensure that my actions in the actual practice are within the legal and ethical bounds (Funnell, Koutoukidis, and Lawrence, 2008). I have noted that there are certain legal provisions in relation to nursing practice that I am not completely familiar with. In other words, there are gaps in my legal knowledge which need to be filled; more specifically, these gaps pertain to my duties in relation to discharge and rehabilitation of patients, as well as my duties in relation to the administration of certain prescription medicines as ordered by physicians. I also noted how gaps in the application of these laws in the actual practice are seen. I know how these cases have been deci ded, but they seem to be vague to me in actual application. It is also important for the nurse to consider the ethical principles which are part and parcel of her practice. These ethical principles are: beneficence, autonomy, non-maleficence, and justice. Beneficence is concerned about doing what would benefit the patient, not what would bring him harm. This is very much related to non-maleficence which emphasizes about doing no harm to a patient. Autonomy is about allowing the patient to make informed decisions about his care. It is about allowing him to make independent decisions. And finally, justice is about giving the patient what is his due, in terms of health services (Borhani,, 2010). 2. Critical thinking and analysis STANDARD: identifies the relevance of research to improving individual/group health outcomes ELEMENT: identifies problems/ issues in nursing practice which may be investigated through research. I have also assessed that I need to improve my investigation and research skills. In order for me to transition as a Graduate Nurse, I need to establish a more evidence-based approach in my practice. Research is an important means of identifying and investigating issues in practice (Brownson,, 2009). The PICO format is one of the most effective means of investigating issues in practice because the PICO (problem-intervention-comparison-outcome) elements assist in settling appropriate research-based interventions for these issues (Fineout-Overholt, Levin, and Melnyck, 2005). In my current practice, I realize that I need to expand my knowledge to cover new knowledge and research-based information which can help in the implementation of appropriate care for the patient. In a study by Coghlan and Casey (2010), the authors carried out their study in an attempt to address the nature of the challenges which nursing research often faces. The authors pointed out that in order to face the issues in practice, the nurses’ role as an action researcher must also be emphasized. This action research strategy can help clear role ambiguity and can balance the political dynamic which often occurs in the nursing practice (Coghlan and Casey, 2010). In effect, I know that by increasing my research, I would be able to improve the resolution of various health issues. The identification of issues must be carried out independently. Traditional education

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Illegal immigration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Illegal immigration - Essay Example However, such immigrations adversely affect the economy and society of the United States. The thesis statement for this paper is, ‘economics and social costs of illegal immigration outweigh the number of associated benefits’. Social and Economic Cost of Illegal Immigration Illegal immigrations put a damaging impact on the economy of a country. Some of the main effects on the economy of a country due to large-scale illegal immigrations include increased poverty, less job opportunities for local people, and decreased foreign investment because of increased fear of crimes in immigrant-populated areas. Immigrants are cutting down the wage levels for local Americans (Porter, n. p.). Reports show that many companies in the United States prefer to hire illegal immigrants because they are willing to work for low salaries as compared to the salaries that local people demand. Such situations result in decreasing the number of job opportunities for local people because companies fi ll many job positions with people who demand less money in exchange for job and confidentiality about their legal status in the country. Such situations also cause an increase in the graph of poverty in a country because when local people will not have jobs, they will face shortage of money, and their spending power will decrease as well. Overpopulation in the host country is also an effect of illegal immigrations. The demand and supply system also gets affected due to illegal immigrations because economic analysts cannot count the presence of illegal people accurately. In the United States, increase in the number of crimes is also associated with large-scale illegal immigrations. Some percentage of illegal immigrants start engaging in criminal activities when they do not get proper job opportunities even in the developed countries. Increased drug trafficking in the United States is also associated with large-scale illegal immigrations. As Go states, â€Å"the US suffers an annual loss of about 70 billion dollars due to drug-related illnesses, death, and drug related crimes.† Along with high economic impact, crimes and violence also affect the society. Crimes cause threat and terror in the minds of local people because of which they start thinking negatively about all immigrants. Benefits of Illegal Immigration Although there are no apparent benefits of illegal immigrations, if we analyze the positive effects of presence of illegal immigrants deeply, we come to know that they do play a little part in keeping the system running. For example, they do low profile jobs from which legal citizens usually keep themselves away, such as, sanitary jobs, waiter jobs, and petrol filling worker jobs. Illegal immigrants do such jobs to earn their livings by hiding themselves from the law enforcement agencies. As Mauriello states, â€Å"one of the perceived benefits of illegal immigration is that of filling in of low wage jobs that a regular American would not be wil ling to accept.† Rights of Illegal Immigrants Basic rights of a person remain the same wherever a person lives and in whatever way a person arrives to the other country. In the U.S. constitution, the Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments protect the basic rights of all individuals living in the United States. The law grants protection to every individual and applies law for illegal immigrants. Although illegal immigrants

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The Unhappy Democracy Essay -- Essays Papers

The Unhappy Democracy Abstract Plato/Socrates defined democracy as "the government of the people." He modeled his democratic society after Athens at the time, a small city-state where every adult male had a vote. The transition to democracy occurred after a revolution in which the rich oligarchic rulers were overthrown and disposed of and the poor gained control. Then, they provided everyone with equal rights. Democracy was characterized as a â€Å"bazaar of constitutions" where every citizen chose his own path in life. There was no obligatory military service, no privileged classes, and those that claim to love society were able to acquire the most power. Individuals may have desired honor in the morning and wealth in the evening. There was no consistent goal that individuals pursued and their desires changed constantly. However, democracy, unlike other imperfect societies, did not forbid the practice of philosophy; it had been indifferent to it. Eventually, "Things everywhere are just bursting with the spirit of liberty." Soon children disobey parents, students disobey teachers, and a disregard towards authority develops. Citizens become divided into three classes: the ruling class of spendthrift politicians, the middle businessman/merchant class, and the large mass of poor people who own little property and mostly stay out of politics. The politicians begin to pass laws that tax the capitalists in order to meet their spending promises. Next, a reactionary political party was formed by the wealthy in order to resist the taxes. After a while, the poor became frustrated with all of the disorder and selected a â€Å"champion of the people† who eventually acquired absolute power and corrupted by it to become a tyrant who would disregar... ...vide The reason being that individuals constantly focus on fulfilling desires rather than applying reason to guide their will. Consequently, their soul is always in a state of flux rather than being in harmony. Therefore, only the ideal state, not democracy, is capable of creating the conditions necessary for its citizens to attain happiness because it is founded on justice instead of liberty, which produces the harmony of the soul. In conclusion, democratic citizens shall never find true happiness in their political system because liberty is practiced at the expense of the liberties of others, the inherent lack of stability will eventually lead to situation in which individual liberty is rigorously suppressed, and because the pursuit of liberty is futile because it does not lead to true happiness. Democracy truly is the worst kind of government, after despotism.

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Essay and Research Paper Essay

Some young children spend a great amount of their time practicing sports. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. There is a true saying that everyone knows: playing sports is very good for our health. Playing sport helps us stay in shape, builds up our teamwork skill, and makes us consistent players. But there is a truth that not many people can realize: spending too much time on sports may cause some bad influences. Especially when it comes to young children. They need a balanced schedule so that they can take advantage and avoid some disadvantages of playing sports First, playing sports is necessary for everyone to reserve good health. It is proven by scientists that doing exercises or playing sports regularly helps people stay in a good shape, and helps avoid some health problems such as heart attack or blood pressure. For those reasons, young children should spend time in playing sport everyday. But if they spend too much time on that, they will not have enough time to participate in many other interesting and useful activities, such as going on a picnic with their friends or learning to play musical instruments†¦Even worse, they may not spend enough time on study. Second, playing sports helps young children develop their team-work skill. Usually when playing sport, they will be allocated into teams. By trying to connect with other team members to win to the game, they will learn how to get along with people, how to understand other people’s ideas, and how to coordinate with the others to get the best result, not only in sports, but also in study or in a working environment. But still, if they spend too much time on playing sports, there will be a disadvantage for young children, since they spend too much time hanging on with the others in a team, will not know how to handle problems alone, resulting in performing badly when working independently. Lastly, playing sports helps children learn how to stand up after failing, making them competitive in any tournament. It is definite that everyone will fail at least once when they play sport. The desire of being the winner urges them to try more and more. The more they try, the better.they become, but once they are so involved in the game, they somehow become so aggressive. Some will try anything to win, and some will even play unfairly to be the winner. The stories about the soccer players using drugs or the players fighting in a game are clear evidences to the disadvantage of playing sport when it is not under control.

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My Sleep On Sleep Patterns - 857 Words

I have fallen asleep every night for the last 22 years, but yet I never analyzed my own sleep pattern. Never truly aware of what time I fell asleep, whether I dreamt every night, or the quality of my sleep. All I knew was that the older I got, the more lethargic I got, and the more caffeine I consumed. Now given the opportunity to monitor my sleep for five nights with the use of a sleep diary I have better knowledge of my sleep patterns. Basing my sleep patterns on concepts learned in class, I was able to understand my sleep, and apply different issues I experienced each night to the resolutions I learned. Hopefully, after my sleep diary I will know how to improve my quality of sleep on a regular basis based on concepts learned in class. On the first night I was on the verge of excitement about starting my sleep diary so I fell asleep at 11:29 P.M. I assumed I would have a regular nights’ sleep, until I heard my name being called. Feeling like I was in a horror movie I awakened instantly in fear, to a cold sweat and rapid heartbeat. Let’s face it, my name is not a common everyday name, so I was terrified until I recalled hypnagogic hallucination. Hypnagogic hallucinations occur at the onset of sleep (NREM) as the small, fast beta brain waves turn into large slower alpha brain waves (140). As I checked the time it was only 11:32 P.M. making this the perfect explanation for this bizarre phenomenon. I then proceeded to fall back to sleep, and woke up at 6:00 A.M. HoweverShow MoreRelatedCircadian Rhythms And Sleep Deprivation870 Words   |  4 Pagesdisorders and sleep deprivation. To start out on circadian rhythms disorders this is what I have learned. Circadian rhythms are regulated by a part of the hypothalamus called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. One’s alertness, core body temperature, moods, learning efficiency, blood pressure, metabolism, and pulse rate all follow these circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms lead to sleep deprivation. Circadian rhythms affect one’s body not allowing one to get the correct sleep and time of sleep one is needRead MoreResearch Study : Relationships Of Eating Competence, Sleep Behaviors And Quality, And Overweight Status Among College Students Essay1091 Words   |  5 PagesStudy: Relationships of eating competence, sleep behaviors and quality, and overweight status among college students Intro: Lack of sleep has been identified as a major public health issue found to contribute to chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes (type 2) and hypertension. As sleeping habits worsened over the years, obesity and unhealthy eating trends continued to climb. In contrast cross-sectional studies support the notion that sufficient sleep promotes â€Å"health related behaviors,† suchRead MoreThe Behavior Of A College Student Sleep1645 Words   |  7 Pagesbehavior I have chosen to modify is my sleeping behavior. As a college student sleep is something that I don’t get enough. I chose to modify this behavior because sleep is an important part of life. I want to be tired when I go to bed and awake when I get up in the morning. I wanted to modify this behavior because I think having good sleeping patterns is a good trait to have in life. So much more can be done when we are awake and refreshed after a full night’s sleep. My goal is to be in bed at 10:30 pmRead MoreSl eep Cycle : How Your Body And Mind Rests, And Restores Its Energy Levels?997 Words   |  4 Pagesthrough what is called a sleep cycle. You may be wondering what exactly this is. During the sleep cycle, we go through 5 stages. Theses stages are 1,2,3,4, and REM (rapid eye movement). This means that when you are sleeping, your eyes move in all different directions very quickly, and it happens 90 minutes after you fall asleep. A complete sleep cycle lasts about 90 to 110 minutes. In stages one, two, and three you are in what is called non- REM. It is a very light sleep and you can be woken up withinRead MoreThe Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Academic Performance852 Words   |  4 PagesQualifications Since my high school years, I have been passionate about gaining valuable medical and public health information in order to share with my peers and the community at large. As a current undergraduate senior majoring in Community and Behavioral Health, I have been able to expand my knowledge concerning the importance of maintaining one’s health in order to optimize one’s quality of life. My educational experience at the University of Maryland has reemphasized the importance of healthRead MoreStress paper (nursing)1669 Words   |  7 Pages Stress Paper The main stressors in my life are school, and disturbed sleep pattern related to stress and hectic workload. Some common coping mechanisms to relief the stress that I researched and found to be effective, were, deep breathing, yoga, proper nutrition, and time management. These are just a few of the many stress coping mechanisms that I researched and thought they fit best with my active lifestyle, and interests. The first of my stressors is school; school is a stressor becauseRead MoreReality of Sleep Paralysis Essay588 Words   |  3 PagesThe concept of sleep paralysis is not necessarily a â€Å"concept,† it is a reality. I have had this occur to me numerous times for the better part of the past twenty years. What makes this a â€Å"concept† is why and how it occurs. I do not believe it is not spoken of enough, and I sincerely believe that more people would be interested in knowing what exactly this condition is. The conditon known as sleep paralysis is defined as the momentary inability to move ones limbs, trunk and head despite beingRead MoreFamily Centered Health Questions1331 Words   |  5 Pageswellness were identified, sleep/rest disturbances and activity/exercise issues. Based on these two areas of special concern the nurse developed two questions associated with Gordons 11 functional health patterns c) Sleep/Rest and e) Activity/Exercise. Self-report in this area indicates that several members of the family if not all members of the family have overriding issues with sleep/rest cycles. The nature of having both a 3 year old, with the normal disturbed sleep patterns of an infant/toddlerRead MoreSleep Is An Important Factor844 Words   |  4 Pagesrevolve around one fundamental aspect of human function: sleep. While there exists many different theories about the exact function of sleep, it is scientifically proven that this phenomenon keeps the brain working efficiently. The body possesses many states of consciousness, both conscious and unconscious. Sleep is the ring leader of the unconscious mind, and makes sure the body runs healthy while we are blissfully unaware of our surroundings. Sleep has always been a behavior that integrates itself intoRead MoreSleep : Sleep And Sleep867 Words   |  4 PagesSleep Analysis As we learned in lecture, sleep is an important component in improving a person’s overall health. Because sleep is vital for cognitive function and available time to spend sleeping is limited for college students, like myself, it is advantageous to change sleeping behaviors to maximize the benefits sleep can provide. After tracking my sleeping schedule for a week, I have noticed some patterns and behavior that may be affecting the quality of sleep I am getting. Based on my sleep journal

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Pestel Analysis China Essay example - 812 Words

PESTEL -Political Recently China has made extraordinary efforts in modernizing legal and economical system aimed to stabilize the growth of the country; however China remains a strictly controlled country, where civil liberties, such as freedom of communication, religion practice and demonstration are severely limited. Major internal problems in China include growing corruption, increasing rural poverty and environmental degradation. China enjoys a strong relationship with the US and other western countries and is likely to increase its influence in the region due to its expanding economy. China has difficult relations with a number of neighbouring countries, such as Japan, Vietnam, North Korea and Tibet; in particular the†¦show more content†¦48% of the population in the target age group are female and although the gender equality has been in the past years a priority for the Chinese government, women still experience a significant status and income disparity. In average women with a university degree can earn as little as 75% of the salary of males with equivalent skills. Finally it should be noted that in China title and status are very important, as well as punctuality both professionally and socially. -Technological China has developed a number of industrial centres where transport, telecommunications and energy infrastructures are widely available. China has also demonstrated a widespread adoption of new technologies, for example mobile phone subscriptions has sharply increased to 461 million, compared to the 368 million land lines (CIA world factbook, 2008, [9]). The number of internet users has also peaked in 2007 to 162 million thanks to a comprehensive broadband network infrastructure based on submarine trunks, fibre-optic cables and satellite links, making China the third largest internet community after the European Union with 247 million and the US with 208 million. Although comparable in terms of population, China has got almost 3 times more internet users than India (60m). -Environmental The environmental policy is becoming one of the most critical issues for theShow MoreRelatedPestel Analysis on China1481 Words   |  6 Pagesfactor: If Nike wants to open international market such as China, the company would get disadvantages because every country will protect and priority for its domestic products. So, the company must find out exactly these requirements that the country require in Nike to overcome these barriers. International trade regulations The trade regulations in China are formulated in accordance with the Foreign Trade Law of the Peoples Republic of China in order to maintain foreign trade order and fair competitionRead MorePestel Analysis China1301 Words   |  6 Pagesstate. The people’s republic of China is a single party state governed by the communist party of China. President : Hu Jintao Prime Minister: Wen Jiabau Independence: 1, October 1949 ( People’s republic of China) Constitutional system China or People Republic of China adopts socialist system or communism in their political system in their decision-making process in governing the country. The country’s sole political party in power is known as communist party of China. The government have the soleRead MorePestel Analysis - Banking in China1112 Words   |  5 PagesUsing PESTEL analysis to understand the macro-environment that impacts the Banking Industry in China. Political Factors †¢ China has a socialist political system †¢ China has entered into the WTO and as part of the commitment to open up the banking industry, has issued the Rules for Implementing the Regulations Governing Foreign Financial Institutions in the People’s Republic of China , which allows Foreign financial institutions to provide foreign currency services to Chinese enterprisesRead MoreBusiness Environment of China France Hongkong Essay653 Words   |  3 Pagescurrent markets in China, Hong Kong, and France P.3-5 1.2.1 Executive Summary P.3 1.2.2 Fashion industry life cycle and the current position of the three countries P.4 1.3 SWOT and TOW S Analysis for Koyo Jeans in the three countries analysed P.5 Part 2 Drivers to Internationalisation 2.1 Motivation for Koyo Jeans entering emerging Markets P.6 2.2 Environmental Analysis in Brazil and India P.6 2.2.1 Findings on comparison between Brazil and India (PESTEL 5Forces) PRead MorePestel / Pestle Analysis Of Amazon971 Words   |  4 PagesAn Organization I am familiar with I want to speak about its Pest analysis is Amazon. Inc. successfully shelters the issues shown in the PESTEL/PESTLE examination of its e-commerce business and remote or macro-environment. The PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis model is a tool for classifying the external factors that shape the conditions of a company’s remote or macro-environment. In the case of Amazon, the circumstances of the online retail market are measured. As the largest firm in the marketRead MoreThe General Macro Environment And Industry Attractiveness1101 Words   |  5 PagesAn external analysis looks at the general macro environment and industry attractiveness. A PESTEL analysis will be used to look at the macro environment and Porter’s Five Forces framework will follow to provide a clearer picture of industry attractiveness. PESTEL Kohl’s needs to consider political factors affecting the retail market, which usually pertain to governmental policy. The following represent current political external factors that are present in the macro retail environment in whichRead MoreSwot And Analytical Tools : Business Analysis Tools1040 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Æ' INTERGRATED AND ANALYTICAL TOOLS Business analysis tools are different techniques investors use to assess a company’s operations. In most cases, the purpose of the analysis is to determine how effective or efficient a company is in the overall market locally, nationally and globally. A scan of the internal and external environment is an important part of this strategic planning process. A few different tools are commonly used such as SWOT, PESTEL, Comparative and Porter’s Five Forces. Each oneRead MoreThe Impact Of Globalization On The Auto Parts Industry1194 Words   |  5 Pageshas become one of the fastest growing industries which plays a major role in the development of the domestic manufacture as well as the GDP Growth. PESTEL: To evaluate all the internal and external factors that directly or indirectly impact the Auto parts industry, the PESTEL model has been used as the analysis for this major industry. PESTEL stands for the five most important forces that comprehensively analyse and monitor the manufacturing: Political forces, Economical forces, Socio-culturalRead MoreSwot Analysis : Apple As A Company And Their Products1085 Words   |  5 PagesPESTEL Analysis consist of political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors that make up an organization and for this paper we will analysis Apple as a company and their products. Apple is among the fastest growing company that has made itself a recognizable consumer name for electronics and gadgets. Investors have always looked forward for investing in Apple due to its strong revenue and high return on investment. Started operating as a traditional computer company, itRead MoreHow Mergers And Acquisition Affect Financial P erformance1170 Words   |  5 Pagesdifferent data btw acquiring firms and target firms to analysis their company value changes before after in disclosure date. Company choiceï ¼Å¡ Cisco system Inc, Lenovo Group Ltd, Microsoft Corporation Objectives The report will focus on analysis what kind of impact will affect companies’ financial performance and its value through companies’ mergers and acquisition in technology industry. This article will use a variety of ways for detailed analysis of how Mergers and acquisition affect financial performance

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Constantine and Christianity Essay - 2155 Words

What was the impact that Constantine had on Christianity after he conquered the Roman Empire? As a stone penetrating a tide of water, Constantine penetrated through pagan worship as he brought Christianity to the forefront after the great battle in the Roman Empire. It changed the way Romans worshiped and impacted their society as a whole. Christianity was brought to the fore front greatly due to the support of Constantine. With his help Romans had changed their Pagan views to Christian views while impacting society, education, and influence on the Roman Empire. Christianity before Constantine Christianity during the early century was very difficult for many Christians. As many Christians were persecuted for not worshipping pagan gods.†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬ËœChristians to the lions’ as Trajan would say, an emperor in the early centuries Christianity to them have alienated the favour of their gods which has and would continue to cause disasters in the Roman Empire. The misfortune of Christians did not stop during this period, but it did come to a composed halt as Galerius, gave Christians the right to worship in some sense. Christianity during the early stages was clearly a course of persecution and forced pagan accusations. Constantine dramatically changed the recourse of religions with the battle of Milvian Bridge as Christianity became the predominant religion of the Roman Empire. The battle of Milvian Bridge lead by Constantine in 312 (Allan, 45), gave Christians a surge of hope and faith as Constantine would claim king of the Roman Empire. After s uch a great battle, Christianity would be put into question how it was impacted through living and socio-economic standards. Christianity and its Influences The new faith that brought a message and established the resurrection of Jesus Christ was the faith that Constantine adopted as a child from his mother. Christianity during Constantine’s reign established much dominance over other religions and was the main reason for influence of the Christian. Christianity in the Roman world had many perils from gladiatorial battles, to forms of charity which affected the Roman world for good (McGiffert, 34). Charity became withShow MoreRelatedConstantine And Christianity Essay1784 Words   |  8 PagesGaius Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus, or Constantine, is commonly referred to as the fist Christian emperor of the Roman Empire and as the defender of Christianity. Such grand titles are not necessarily due for the reasons that people commonly think of them today. The first clear instance where Christianity is seen in Constantines life is during his campaign against Maxentius. In the spring of 311, when Constantine was marching to Rome to battle against Maxentius, he saw a vision in theRead MoreConstantine And Christianity Of The Roman Empire1350 Words   |  6 PagesConstantine and Christianity in the Roman Empire Religion has always been an important force in the lives of common people. In the early centuries, Christianity was developing with a great influence to affect the Roman world. Constantine came to power in the Western provinces of the Roman Empire as an advocate of religious toleration. Constantine’s advocacy for religious toleration alongside his conversion marked a turning point of the Roman world and drove the spread Christianity. With Diocletian’sRead MoreConstantine and His Effect on Christianity1518 Words   |  7 PagesConstantine and his effect on Christianity When we look back at Christianity over the years, there are several people who are remembered for their impact on the religion. The first most important figure was Jesus Christ. However, if we travel forward a bit, into the 4th Century we come across Constantine. Historians agree that Constantine served as an important component in the spread of Christianity. Although he spread the religion in a massive way, others wonder if his methods were more harmfulRead MoreConstantine: Gods Gift to Christianity1168 Words   |  5 Pagesextremists in India or in places like China and North Korea. Yet Christianity thrives as the world’s largest religion. Persecution of Christians was especially brutal and widespread during the fourth century in the Roman Empire. Christians were tortured until they denied Christ or killed if they refused, their possessions, houses and buildings were confiscated and they were forced to observe pagan sacrificial traditions. Constantine the Great’s ri se to power brought about tremendous change in RomanRead MoreConstantine And Empress Helen Their Impact On Christianity1479 Words   |  6 PagesTopic: Constantine and Empress Helena: Their Impact on Christianity -Who was Constantine?: Constantine was believed to be born on February 22, either in 272 or 273 AD. The exact date and year is not definite. He was the son of Marcus Flavius Valerius Constantius Herculius Augustus (mainly known as Constantius Chlorus) and Flavia Iulia Helena Augusta (mainly known as Saint Helena). His father was an officer of the army, and his mother was an inn keeper’s daughter. His father later divorced his motherRead MoreConstantine the Ruler of the Roman Empire1626 Words   |  7 Pages Constantine the ruler of the Roman Empire had been surrounded by many controversies during his reign (Cameron, 14). He was the son of a great warrior and he defeated Manutius a great ruler at Milia Bridge. He had gained much respect and admiration among the Romans as a fair ruler. He emerged as a ruler who supported Christianity and then became popular as a Christian ruler himself. His reign and victory over the Roman Empire is a significant event in the history of Christian religion. With theRead MoreThe Religious Conversions of King Clovis I and Emperor Constantine I738 Words   |  3 Pagessuch as the conversion of Constantine I, nor as ground-breaking as that of Clovis I. Constantine I was born in the year 280. During his reign as emperor of the Roman Empire, the state was falling apart. 1 He was the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity. He called the Council of Nicea in 325 to resolve conflicts arising between the Arian Christians and the Athansian Christians. 2 Th is resulted in the canonization of Athansian Christianity, to which Constantine I converted his empire. 3ClovisRead MoreThe Conversion Of Roman Emperor1720 Words   |  7 Pages11/7/2014 Research Paper The conversion of Roman Emperor, Constantine, marked the start of a reform that would change Rome forever. A once pagan society, Rome was one of the last to grasp the Christianity concept. The start of â€Å"Christianizing† Rome began with two of Jesus’ disciples, Peter and James, as well as the apostle Paul in the Roman province of Antioch during the first century (New Women of Color Study Bible 1742). From this, Christianity spread all over the province, by the time it got to RomeRead MoreConstantine : A Influential Leader1295 Words   |  6 PagesConstantine was a very influential leader throughout his life. He was able to accomplish many things, everything from making a major world religion possible, to running a successful empire. It all started when he was born in around 280 CE in Naissus, Moesia, to father Flavius Valerius and mother Helena. His father became Roman emperor in around 305 CE. He was elected to the position of emperor by Maximalla, who was the empe ror of Western Rome at the time. While his father was alive, Constantine wasRead MoreConstantine the Great1359 Words   |  6 PagesConstantine the Great Constantine the Great, first Christian Emperor, originator of Constantinople, creator of the Byzantine Empire, military conqueror, and honored saint, has been labeled by many the most instrumental emperor of the Roman Empire. Constantine played a crucial role in the development of Europe during the Middle Ages, and founded Christianity as the formal religion of the Roman Empire. His dynamic yet effective predominance laid the infrastructure of European development. From